Pallid and Pale (2 of 4)

‘You will never be anything. You are nothing. We should have killed you like we killed your sister. You are worse than nothing, Zhang Li.’ I could hear him say, over and over, like it was yesterday. Even through the rain of years, his voice still poured down on my head every now and then.

‘Maybe he was right. No, he was definitely right.’ Mine will echo.

I sat cross-legged on the floor of my apartment, the coffee colored stain of the wood a stark contrast to my specter skin. It took me several minutes to calm myself down, to process what had just occurred.

His body in front of me lie still as a winter dawn, not a sound. ‘Not a sound, now, father.’ I whispered in my mind. His neck was torn apart with ghastly rends, as though a monstrous claw had swept his life away. And they were not fine slices – they were the work of a beast, a gorgon, a creature of the dark. Yet, I had no claws.

‘None that they can see, anyways. None that you can see, for that matter.’

Pallid and Pale (2 of 4)